Investigating the Drone Attack on a Kyiv University District: What We Know So Far

The past couple of months have been an really problematic time for Ukraine and its individuals as it endures continued combating and aerial assaults by Russian forces. While the Ukrainian administration is doing all it can to defend its citizens, a lot of innocent families and lives have been destroyed because of. Attacks on the […]

How the US Could Help Deter Future Chinese Bomber Incursions into Taiwanese Airspace

Beijing has recently has recently banned Taiwanese imports, which additional strained the already challenging relations among China as good as Taiwan. In a show of power, China has despatched 21 air-defense zone identification (ADIZs) for Taiwan in the final month. This aggressive approach may have far-reaching effects and will be felt throughout both sides of […]

Analyzing the Impact of Moving Up Presidential Elections in Peru on Democracy

It is with great disappointment that we bring you the tragic scenario unfolding in Peru, the place protests can be deadly when a whole bunch of protesters took into the streets demanding the resignation of the president Manuela Boluarte and new elections to succeed her, as good as Congress. The protests have been the end […]