The sufferer in this case: who is she, and why did the mob target her?

A vigilante mob took over a police station in the New Karachi area to punish one younger woman, who had been booked and detained for alleged involvement in desecration of Holy Quran. The mob wasn’t convinced by the legality of the actions and determined to punish the suspect by themselves. This violates legislation and order. We are very disappointed to witness such lawlessness. We all want to hold peace and be respectful of the legislation. The answer is not in the legislation and might lead to extra violence and chaos

. A Quick Summary

The police in these instances should confirm that officers are skilled in dealing with the blasphemy FIRs and provide emotional aid for family members of the suspects. The defendant’s partner has admitted that his wife was emotionally upset and it’s attainable she wasn’t in the appropriate mindset at the time she made a statement that resulted in the submitting of an FIR being brought against her. This concern should additionally be examined by the investigators. If they discover that she’s not stabilized, they ought to lessen her fees and provide the necessary medical care


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