Vallejo/Vacaville Arts and Entertainment Source – Great Music For A Great Cause on July 14

Vallejo/Vacaville Arts and Entertainment Source – Great Music For A Great Cause on July 14

July 14 VallejoVacaville Arts and Entertainment Source Great Music for the Great Cause

This month’s concert features the Zydeco Flames, a famous Cajun band that has been entertaining audiences for over three decades. Proceeds from the show will gain the Youth Alive organization, which strives to stop violence and train future leaders. The concert additionally features a separate music movie. Read on to learn more. This month’s entertainment calendar includes concerts by the Solano County Farm Bureau, Zydeco Flames, and Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR.

Zydeco Flames

In 2010’s Vallejo/Vacaville Arts and Concert Series will feature lots of musical shows in the region, including a Friday night occasion during the John F. Kennedy Library and a Saturday afternoon event during the Barba Kondylis Waterfront Park. Two times of music will feature many different genres, from conventional country to garage stone, indietronica, and Latin-tinged pop music.

Solano County Farm Bureau Fundraiser

You can’t miss Great Music for A Grand Cause in Vallejo/Vacaville this July 14. At 8pm, you can see the talented Curt Taylor performing their classic rock hits during the Empress Theater. The Empress is situated at 300 Virginia St. in Vallejo. That is a fundraiser for Youth Alive, a local nonprofit that stops physical violence and builds young leaders. A percentage associated with proceeds from the show will go toward creating a music video clip specialized in the reason.

Disney’s The Tiny Mermaid JR

Very identifiable songs into the film is “Under the Sea,” that is additionally the movie’s closing number. The track is completed by Ariel after King Triton has destroyed all her individual things. It really is a really catchy and memorable tune that will keep your young ones humming the tune very long after the credits have actually rolled. Whether you’re a child or a grown-up, you’ll think it’s great!

“The Little Mermaid JR” could be the latest installment associated with the Broadway musical based on the 1989 animated movie. This new phase show is a collaboration between numerous divisions, including music, acting, and choreography. The music pit includes a cast of experts from different procedures, including dance, acting, and also choreography. The cast for the show includes Marybeth Arrington, Claudia Blackburn, Ella Bradley, Caroline Duncan, Lucy Hubbard, and Molli Geier.

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