Why The Environment Needs Our Help

The world in general is getting smaller every day thanks to the advancements in technology. However, the same factors that are responsible for making human life and the world better are causing great harm to the environment.

Man has flooded the planet and it has caused a continuous wreak havoc ever since they were now getting closer to the depletion of Mother Nature.

Environmental disasters are events that take place as a result of natural and technological hazards resulting in the destruction of both human life and property. These disasters have widespread implications and have a huge impact on the human society, environment, and even the economy.

The typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, and flooding are just some of the common disasters that are caused by man. Illegal logging, the throwing of industrial wastes into the rivers, increased use of non-biodegradable materials are only some of the sins that man has committed against nature.

Evidence will point out to the fact that if man is not prepared for a major disaster brought about by climate change, disaster may befall him in the near future.

The issue about global warming is not just propaganda in order for environmentalists to earn their funding. Global warming is upon us, and this can be gleamed from the major environmental changes such as too much heat, too much cold and other phenomenon that mankind is facing.

Even though mankind has never been able to reverse global warming, they have always managed to stall it in the short term. What is important is mankind knows the effects of climate change and what can, and will, be done to combat it.

Climate change is affecting the environment which in turn leads to natural disasters including rising sea levels, forest fires, and extreme weather. When these emergencies happen, scientists and world leaders should work together to keep the situation under control.

The first thing to do is to launch a massive information campaign to make the whole world aware of what is happening in the climate as a result of climate change and what is to happen in the future. People should know what to expect in terms of possible environmental disasters and the possible diseases that may be caused by climate change.

The best emergency preparation kit for those living all over the world is knowledge. Knowledge about climate change effects, on how to lessen its wrath, will help societies react to climate change without experiencing too much crippling damage.

Every country should prepare for any emergency brought about by climate change. Even the first world countries that have all the technology would have a hard time facing this disaster. How much more the third world countries that are not even past the problem of providing food resources for their citizens?

Every household should be taught how to prepare for climate change emergencies. They should stop relying on their governments to provide them with insurance because once that happens, there may be a possibility that even government itself will become debilitated to act as well.

Everyone, including our legislators, has a choice: to act positively and contribute to a better future, or not.



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