Reset your body by Proper Detoxification

You wonder if your body’s heavy feeling is an indication that you’re sick. Yet, you’re not actually sick—you’re just feeling lazy to move and not energetic. That’s why you resort to eating a lot, gulping cups of coffee and smoking. It makes you feel lively, but it’s the accumulation of toxins in your body.

Eventually, you’ll need to detoxify. You may want to try drinking enough water to replace lost fluids and foods high in antioxidants, selenium, and vitamins A, C, and E.
With an ever-dynamic world today, we want our bodies to be constantly active. Hence, we resort to body stimulants such as chemicals, pills, powders, and drinks thinking that they will help the body to stay up all the time, but they do otherwise. These stimulants cause immediate loss of energy and emotional symptoms such as headaches, sickness and depression. They are also considered as toxins in the body.
Toxins are agents that have the ability to cause damage to our bodies. There are two kinds of toxins, external, or exogenous, and internal, or endogenous. External toxins, or exogenous toxins, come from external sources. An example of an external toxin is cigarette smoke. Endogenous toxins, or toxins the body produces, come from viral or bacterial infection. There are three main types of endogenous toxins, biochemical, protein, and cell.
Harmful substances can be eliminated by the body in a process called detoxification. To detoxify the body is to change your diet from a poor one to a healthy one. A healthy diet includes raw food, specifically, fruits and vegetables—things that have not been cooked and are high is nutrients.
Naturally, the body detoxifies itself throughout the day and night and relies heavily on what it’s exposed to at that time. The peak of detoxification occurs when the body is rested during sleep until noon, which is when it can get rid of the toxic by-products of nutrients, stimulants and pollution.
For the on the go people, you can substitute your stimulants with a healthy diet to maintain a healthy and active body. The most commonly used stimulants today by people include refined white sugar, coffee, diet pills, cigarettes, and red meat—food items that are easily stored and eaten on the go.
Sugar gives a feeling of exhilaration. Therefore, drinking cola makes us high. What we do not know is that refined sugar has harmful effects. Examples include soft drinks and tomato ketchup. It is better to use brown sugars than cane sugar which is artificial. Fruit juices have the same effect as refined sugar.
Late night workers will resort to going outside and drinking a hot drink rather than drinking coffee to keep them awake. As natural substitute to coffee with a detoxifying effect is Japanese or Chinese green tea.
There are good reasons why you should stop taking diet pills. Aside from their toxicity in the body, they have the opposite of a detoxification effect.



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