Jerzy Owsiak

Jerzy Owsiak is a Polish freelance journalist and social activist. He could be additionally a founding member of the fantastic Orchestra of Christmas time Charity, an award winning charity organization in Poland. The fantastic Orchestra of xmas Charity is made up of ten choirs of performers, most of whom have actually won various awards in their participation within the charity events. Jerzy Owsiak writes for several popular Polish publications and has now additionally written for a number of papers.

Jerzy Owsiak could be the Polish journalist that was hired by the planet Health Organization to find out about the adverse effects of iodine deficiency, which can be area of the reason for the prevalence of thyroid cancer tumors within the Polish community. The task of Jerzy Owsiak caused a great deal of controversy in Poland and throughout the world as this painful and sensitive topic really should not be handled in a professional way. This controversy eventually lead to the inspiration of a brand new charity called

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